Season 5

Vivien Planet Season 5

Season 5 of Vivien Planet has the Theme: “Treasure from the Universe”

In the last stream of Season 4, Vivien met new friends in the Universe. The Friends told her that they are on the way to Vivien Planet. When the new friends arrived at Vivien Planet, they left a secret box behind for Vivien to find. Within Season 5 Vivien is going to search for the box and, on the way, she will experience a lot of great adventures on her way to find out what is in the secret box.

The Trailer Video of Season 5 is available on my YouTube channel:

Click here or on the picture below for the Season 5 Video on YouTube

Of course my existing Subscriber and VIP Planets are still here and I would be very happy if you join them too.

Subscriber Ticket Tier 1: For Twitch Tier 1 members (Update with exclusive content every 3rd day)

Subscriber Ticket Tier2: For Twitch Tier 2 members (Update with exclusive content every 2nd day)

Subscriber Ticket Tier3: For Twitch Tier 3 members (Update with exclusive content daily !!!)

VIP Premium Ticket: For Vivien Planet Supporters with Premium Access 

Planet Scuti (VIP Premium Ticket) includes:

  • Behind the scenes topics. See what I am doing when I am not live on stream.
  • Vivien Extra time. Vivien Extra time is a live channel once a week (every Thursday 19:00 UTC+7). Hangout with me in a non-studio environment. In this channel I will share the Livestream Link with you, and you have the possibility to view my stream live or as replay within 24 hours.
  • Vivien Planet VIP Telegram Channel
  • Q&A with me. Ask me questions and I will answer. And be aware I also will ask questions to you 🙂

FAQ (Frequently asked Questions):

Q: How do I get Scuti access ?

A: For a small Bitcoin donation, you can join Scuti for 1 month.

A: You donate in Bitcoin, and I will add you to Scuti.

Q: What is if I do not have Discord ?

A: No worry, Scuti is alternative available as Facebook messenger / Telegram service (instead of Discord).

A: With your Bitcoin donation you share your Facebook messenger / Telegram ID with me.

Q: Where do I find your Bitcoin address?

A: Here: bc1qr79vddue22zl4cmyjcvsaa82696z4a7mgmd8m6

A: You can also find my Bitcoin QR-Code address on my Homepage


Donations are not refundable. Your donation benefits are valid for 30 days upon granting access to Scuti and will expire after 30 days without prior notice. Donation price may change at any time.