Vivien Planet Map

Season 5 “Treasure from the Universe”

In the last stream of Season 4, Vivien met new friends in the Universe. The Friends told her that they are on the way to Vivien Planet. When the new friends arrived at Vivien Planet, they left a secret box behind for Vivien to find. Within Season 5 Vivien is going to search for the box and, on the way, she will experience a lot of great adventures on her way to find out what is in the secret box.

The Trailer Video of Season 5 is available on my YouTube channel:

Caelum Island on Vivien Planet (Season 5)

Season 4 is extending to the Vivien Universe. Take a look at the universe map, new places will show up wihtin every live stream on Twitch. I am looking forward when you say hello to me in the chat in one of my live streams.

The Trailer Video of Season 4 is available on my YouTube channel:

Vivien Universe (Season 4)

In Vivien Planet Season 3 I created a self designed MAP for us.

Please take a look at the MAP of Vivien Planet. I am sure you will find many interesting places 🙂

Vivien Planet Map (Season 3)